Niverville Credit Union
 Niverville Credit Union Bill Payment Plus! Service Agreement Click this button to print this page. 

I/We hereby request Niverville Bill Payment Plus! Service ("the Service") and hereby authorize Niverville Credit Union to debit payments authorized by me/us from my/our account(s). Notice of cancellation of this authorization may be made by me/us at any time. Such notice shall not have effect on debits made prior to cancellation. By agreeing to make use of the Service, I/we accept that the required account information will be used by Niverville Credit Union for the purpose of processing payments.

When using the Service, I/we will not be permitted to make payments from any account on which more than one signature is required to authorize a transaction, unless prior written authorization is received by Niverville Credit Union from all required signers.

Niverville Credit Union will establish service fees for use of the Service and/or for conducting transactions and may change these service fees from time to time. I/We authorize Niverville Credit Union to deduct any applicable service fees from my/our account.

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